General Info

MSMBB – promoting scientific advancement

MSMBB is a non-profit organisation that was established in 1988, with the following objectives:

  • to promote communication among scientists in the field of molecular biology, cellular biology and biotechnology in Malaysia
  • to contribute to the advancement of molecular biology, cellular biology and biotechnology
  • to promote collaboration with other related organizations in the areas of research, education, training and publications.

To achieve the objectives, MSMBB organizes scientific meeting, seminars, lecture series, and workshops. These events target participation from diverse background and are usually organised in collaboration with academic and research institutions. Whilst scientific meetings and seminars usually attract those inclined towards science — academics, entrepreneurs, students and the like — MSMBB also organizes events to cater for the non-scientist individuals and the general public. One such example is a workshop entitled “Dissecting the Myth of the Frankenfoods” which was specifically organised for people in the media industry. The workshop enabled participants to have a closer look and experience in cloning and DNA manipulation with hands on sessions, and at the end of the day have better understanding of the underlying principles of the production of GMOs. (This workshop was organised by Dr Tan Siang Hee of UPM, and was generously sponsored by US Department of Energy.)

MSMBB rewards scientific achievements

Another significant accomplishment of MSMBB in the effort to promote molecular biology and biotechnology is the introduction of two prestigious awards for scientific achievement. The first is the Young Researchers Awards for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology which is intended for young aspiring scientist, and awarded based on research projects conducted by undergraduate students for their B.Sc. project. The award are presented annually, thanks to the generous sponsorships of Promega (Research Instruments), BBraun and Sartorius.

The second award is the MSMBB-AppliedBiosystems Award (three guesses on who the sponsor is). This is a prestigous award presented to a scientist in recognition of his or her original and outstanding contributions to molecular biology and biotechnology in Malaysia. The first recipient of the award was the eminent Professor Dr. Koh Chong Lek in recognition for his lifetime contributions towards the development of molecular biology in this country. He later presented the MSMBB-AB Award Public Lecture in Nov 2001 entitled “The Magic of DNA: From Basic Science to Marketplace“.

Malaysian Society of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology