Message from President

Dear MSMBB Members,

Welcome to a new year of MSMBB activities. As the incoming President, I would like to greet all of you at MSMBB events. The Executive Council and I count on each and every one of your participation in MSMBB activities. Please encourage your students and colleagues to do so as well. Also, if you have ideas for new activities, do let us know, or email me.

MSMBB would like to collaborate with activities organised by members` Universities/Departments, e.g., talks/seminars/quizzes, etc., to enhance member participation in a wide range of activities throughout the year. Please do let us know.

Also, encourage your friends and colleagues to become members of MSMBB. I would like MSMBB to have a wide active membership so that fresh ideas and avenues for research collaboration can be forged.

I urge all of you to take part in all of our activities. Coming up soon (8th – 9th September 2015) is our 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting. The theme for the Meeting is “Interactions: Integrating Science and Society”.

Oftentimes, researchers concentrate so much on pursuing ideas and research and getting results for publication in high impact journals and getting scientific recognition, that the community and society at large are forgotten. After all, most of life science research is carried out to benefit mankind and society. So the emphasis of this year`s Scientific Meeting is to integrate Science with Society; to take steps that benefits of scientific research reach Society, and also to listen to talks by people who have done just that and how they have made it possible. There will be a number of “big guns” in the field who will be speaking, so do attend the Meeting and present your work as well.

Please send in your abstracts and registration early. Also encourage your students and colleagues to do so.

Later in the calendar, we are also organising a postgraduate research awards seminar – this will showcase postgraduate research in oral and poster presentations, but the emphasis will be on oral presentations. We have organised these for a number of years, the last being in December 2014, in which participants came from a number of Asian countries.

Keep a look out for forthcoming activities, through email and also from our website.

Looking forward to seeing you in all MSMBB activities.


Malaysian Society of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology