Key for session names:

A – Agribiotech& Molecular Biology
E – Environmental & Microbiological Biotech & Molecular Biology
I – Industrial Biotech & Molecular Biology M – Medical Biotech & Molecular Biology
S – MSMBB 23rd Scientific Meeting
Participants will be asked to remain by their posters for judging between 1.00pm to 2.00pm on Days 1 and 2

Confirmed speakers include:
Prof. Dr Hisaji Maki, Nara Institute of Sceince& Technology, Japan (NAIST) / Prof. Dr Takashi Hashimoto, NAIST
Prof. Dr HeribertHirt, Director, Center for Desert Agriculture, KAUST / Prof. Dr TakuDemura, NAIST
Prof.Dr Sadequr Rahman, Monash University Malaysia / Prof. Dr Toshiro Ito, NAIST
Prof. Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman, University of Malaya / Prof. Dr Jennifer Ann Harikrishna, University of Malaya
Prof. Dr HasimaNagoor, University of Malaya / Prof. Dr. WickneswariRatnamFASc, UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia
Assoc. Prof. Dr NoriakiSasai, NAIST / Associate Professor Dr. Chin ChiewFoan, University of Nottingham, Malaysia
Assist Prof. Dr Takaaki Matsui / Assist Prof. Dr Kei Hiruma, NAIST / Assist Prof. Dr Satoko Maki, NAIST
Assist Prof. Dr Eishou Matsuda, NAIST / Dr Lionel In, UCSI University

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Malaysian Society of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology