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Papers for the APJMBB Vol.23 No.2 Apr 2015 is now available online. Click here to take a look at the abstracts! Full papers can also be downloaded.

Instructions for article submission are available here.

Abstracts of the International Symposium on Molecular Farming in Plants: Prospects for the Asia Pacific is now available for viewing/download. Click here.

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Vol.22 No.1 Jan 2014
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Vol.21 No.2 Apr 2013 
Vol.21 No.1 Jan 2013
Vol.20 No.4 Dec 2012
Vol.20 No.3 July 2012
Vol.20 No.2 April 2012
– Vol.20 No.1 Jan 2012 20th Anniversary Special Issue
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Vol.19 No.3 July 2011
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Vol.18 No.2 June 2010
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