The 22nd MSMBB Annual Scientific Meeting

Date: 8-9 September 2015

Venue : University of Malaya

Theme: Interactions - integrating science and society " The concept of interactions extends from the minute molecular interactions to the inclusive applications of biotechnology to society. The seamless interactions of fundamental research to application developments that can impact society is a highlight of this years meeting and transcends the domains of basic and applied sciences. Each session will be thematic and include papers in molecular biology, biotechnology, bioeconomics and social impact reflecting the particular theme"

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See you all at the meeting!

Message from President

Dear Members,
I am inviting you all to join me in three events taking place over the next six months. The first is the 26th AGM which will be held on 15th June 2015.  The call for the AGM has been sent to your emails. .Please check your email for further details.  An election for new office bearers will be held at this AGM and I urge all members to attend. As the outgoing President, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the executive council members and all of you for the support and trust givento me as the President for the past two terms.

Next, will be our 22nd MSMBB Scientific meeting, which will be held from the 29th-30th July 2015,hosted by the University of Malaya. Molecular and biotechnology developed in ivory towers sometimes does not take account of society and societal needs.  The goals of the research may seem to be purely scientific and not understood by the public at large.  It is about time we started not only to create awareness in society and stakeholders of the benefits of our research but also to actively engage the public in its formulation and execution Thus the theme for this year’s meeting, “Interactions “- Integrating science and society.Please visit the 22nd MSMBB Scientific Meeting website to register for the meeting and to find out more about the programme.

MSMBB has been creatingawareness among undergraduates and postgraduates of the importance and potential of research in advancing molecular biology and biotechnology.  In the past three years we have organized postgraduate researchers’ seminars to which both home and overseas students have been invited to present their work. This competition is open to all postgraduates who are currently pursuing MSc or PhD. This year the competition will be held in December. Please visit the society website for updates.
See all of you at these events!

Noor Hana Hussain